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navjeevan technical institute

Hansa belongs to Gunda Village, Bhanvad Taluka from Dev Bhoomi Dwarka district. She was 24 years old. She comes from a very poor and big family, where her father was the only person in the family to earn and fulfill all the economical and financial needs of the family.

Her father’s income was not sufficient for her family to live a satisfying life. Hansa was not able to complete even the 10th standard due to the financial crises of the family. She wanted to help her father by supporting him financially, but she was not educated enough to get the appropriate job.

She came to know about the Navjeevan Technical institute and their trades from one of her friends. She contacted our Prerna Navjeevan Training Center, Bhimrana, and got all the information about our different projects and trades, and showed interest in joining the BSA trade. She asked her family for joining the BSA course at Navjeevan Technical institute and explained to them how she would be able to earn after the completion of the course. Her family was convinced of that and allowed her to join the course. After her completion of training, she was placed in Shree Hospital at a salary of Rs.8000/- per month.

She was very much thankful to Navjeevan Technical Institute for developing her hidden talent and provide a path for her dreams to come true. Navjeevan Technical Institute


Navjeevan Technical Institute 

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